Reservation for a hangar space from 2025

Dübendorf is in the middle of a major transformation from a military airfield to a civil aviation airport (Werkflugplatz Dübendorf), focused on innovation and high value added on ground. The political authorities are working on the framework for the required infrastructure which shall be implemented in 2024.
The Werkflugplatz Dübendorf is deeply rooted in the local communities and therefore leads the process for the infrastructure and operation of the newly enhanced business airport near the vibrant city of Zurich.


TopMotion is the local handling agent and closely linked to the airport operator Werkflugplatz.

With a view to the future development, we are currently looking for interested parties who would like to reserve a space in a newly built hangar from 2025 on.

Reserve it now and get your first class gateway from Zurich to the world.